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    Into Mordor by Shane Michael Black on Flickr.

    She Storm by Alessio Albi on Flickr.

    Diffusion by joshuamalik on Flickr.

    Speaking to the atmosphere by byJosh on Flickr.

    Johanna_053 by patofoto on Flickr.

    To a Morn of May by ummatiddle on Flickr.

    My Mother had the most wonderful outlook on death, she always said that we know ‘everything’, but the one thing that nobody knows… is that ‘moment’ after death. So, whenever we would lose somebody in the family (or a friend or something), she would say ‘now they know the secret’.

    Betty White

    Yellowstone NP by Hengki Koentjoro on Flickr.

    Rio by Tiagø Ribeiro on Flickr.

    The chance of light by Zeb Andrews on Flickr.

    For the girl with the white hair. :)

    untitled on Flickr.

    * by felidae. on Flickr.

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